Glenn Beck Host Calls For “Fatwa” Against Dodgers

“You have to Montgomery bus boycott the sports world. Like, for example, having the Catholic Church put out a local fatwa to players on the players and people within the organization of the Dodgers team.

“Stuff like that, surgical strikes where we’re having players on the Dodgers who are — who are devout Catholics or just Christians at all, saying, yeah, I’m not playing for an organization that does that.

“So, good luck this weekend without me. That’s the kind of stuff that would draw blood.” -Steve Deace, host for Glenn Beck’s The Blaze.

Yesterday Deace declared that Mike Pence’s criticism of DeSantis’s campaign against Disney means that Pence “supports grooming.”

Deace first appeared on JMG in 2011 when he condemned then-Texas Gov. Rick Perry for “going against the laws of nature and nature’s God” by hiring a gay campaign staffer.

Last month he appeared here when he called Vice President Kamala Harris a “ho.” As Christians do.