Fox News Regular Guest: This Country Needs A Dictator

Mediaite reports:

Pro-Trump podcaster Jesse Kelly, a frequent guest on the canceled program of former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, declared that the United States “needs a dictator” in an alarming tweet.

“Let me tell you all an uncomfortable truth: This country needs a dictator,” Kelly tweeted to his nearly 640,000 followers. “As the great John Adams said, a free country only works for a ‘moral people.’ We are not worthy of freedom. A dictator is coming.”

One Twitter user responded, “Weimar problems eventually lead to Weimar solutions,” referencing Germany’s Weimar Republic, that historians say created conditions that led to the rise of Hitler. Kelly responded simply, “There it is.”

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Kelly last appeared here when he melted down over a the US World Cup team using a rainbow crest. Kelly ran for the US House in 2010, losing the Arizona general election to incumbent Rep. Gabby Giffords by 0.5 points. He tried again in 2012, losing the general election by 8 points.

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