DeSantis Spox Has Flame War With Teen Trump Troll

Mediaite reports:

Christina Pushaw, a top adviser to Ron DeSantis, argued with a 16-year-old Trump supporter about botox and Ukraine on Twitter just one day after the Florida governor launched his campaign for the presidency.

The argument started on Thursday after “GOP Josh” — a 16-year-old supporter of former President Donald Trump — asked Pushaw, “How much of the $1M DeStablishment raised yesterday will go towards your Botox?”

After GOP Josh accused Pushaw of being a “Ukraine simp,” citing her previous work for former Georgia President and Ukrainian governor Mikheil Saakashvili, Pushaw carried on arguing with her 16-year-old foe.

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GOP Josh went viral earlier this week for a separate post in which he declared himself an “alpha male” feared by liberals. Twitter users quickly added a Community Note to his post, pointing out that his photo was a fake AI image.

Christina Pushaw, some of you will surely recall, is notorious for vicious and often anti-gay attacks on DeSantis’s critics. Pushaw was the DeSantis administration’s spokesperson before becoming his campaign spox earlier this year.

In 2021 Pushaw was forced to formally register as a foreign agent for the country of Georgia due to her lobbying work on their behalf.