Trump’s Team Is Working To Keep “The Crazies” Out

NBC News reports:

Gone from the inner circle are figures who sought their own publicity like campaign chiefs Corey Lewandowski, Steve Bannon and Brad Parscale. So are the sycophants who believed the best way to curry favor with Trump was to execute on his most outlandish ideas, like Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell.

“We have less people who try to ingratiate themselves with him by going the extreme route,” said one person involved in the campaign who credited Susie Wiles, the co-manager of the operation, with keeping “the crazies” out. “Everything seems to be less dramatic — not drama-free, but less dramatic.”

On Friday, the campaign quickly put out a fire lit when the New York Times reported that Trump had instructed aides to hire Laura Loomer, a prominent Trump supporter with a long history of making anti-Muslim comments.

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