Trump Claims DeSantis Faked Florida’s COVID Numbers

“Actually if you look at the numbers, he didn’t do a great job. If you take a look at the numbers he’s very high on crime. Very high, right at the top. Almost at the top. I think he gets good publicity, although now people are starting cause I’m putting out the COVID numbers, he didn’t do well on COVID. He had more deaths than almost every country in Florida. I hate to say it cause Florida’s my state, but he did not do well. It’s really, it’s very interesting, I don’t wanna knock anybody, but the thing he did well on was public relations, because the numbers weren’t what they pretended to be.” – Donald Trump, speaking on the right wing Full Send podcast.

During Trump’s appearance on the podcast last year, he declared “YMCA” to be the “gay national anthem.” Trump later raged against YouTube when that episode was pulled down for his election lies.

The duo behind Full Send also market their own brand of hard seltzer called Happy Dad, which you can see perched prominently next to Trump in the screenshot above.