Ron Johnson: “A Warming Globe Is Actually Beneficial” Because That Means Fewer People Will Freeze To Death

Raw Story reports:

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), who narrowly won his recent reelection, complained that global climate change didn’t really matter because his state could use a little less snow. Speaking in the Senate Budget Committee Wednesday, economist Michael Greenstone addressed the health costs of climate change.

Johnson picked up one of the maps that were part of the exhibits on global climate change and increased temperatures and explained he didn’t think that it was all that big of a deal because the United States isn’t all that hot, not like Africa.

“So, in terms of excess deaths, a warming globe is actually beneficial. In my own state, your study shows that we’d have a reduction in mortality of somewhere between 54 and 56 people per, I guess it’s a hundred thousand. Why wouldn’t we take comfort in that?” Johnson said.

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