QAnon Man Arrested After Standoff On Radio Tower

Los Angeles’s ABC affiliate reports:

A man climbed the KTLA tower in Hollywood Tuesday evening and was perched on a digital billboard, holding a sign and playing a guitar for several hours. Reports began coming in of a man climbing the 162-foot TV station tower at Sunset Boulevard and Bronson Avenue near Van Ness Avenue late in the afternoon.

At one point, he was seen sitting on the tower’s digital billboard, holding a sign that read “Free Billie Eilish” on one side as he played an electric guitar.

It’s unclear what the man was referring to with his sign. The back of the man’s sign had another strange message, referencing sex slaves and “Donald Marshall clones,” which appears to be a dark web conspiracy theory about Illuminati and celebrity cloning.

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As I’ve previously reported, QAnon nutbags claim pop singer Billie Eilish has been possessed by demons. Among those spreading that claim is Michigan Republican Party chair Kristina Karamo.