Proud Boy Loses Claim Carlson Footage Is Exculpatory

Politico reports:

Prosecutors did not withhold or “suppress” Jan. 6 security footage — aired in February by Tucker Carlson — from the Proud Boys now on trial for seditious conspiracy, a federal judge ruled late Sunday. U.S. District Court Judge Tim Kelly used his 10-page order to knock down a series of thinly premised but eye-popping allegations lodged by one of those defendants, Dominic Pezzola, in recent weeks.

In fact, Kelly wrote, Pezzola’s lawyers have had access to most of the footage since September 2021 and the rest since early 2023, far enough in advance for Pezzola to use at trial. But Kelly also noted that there’s simply no indication that any of the footage is exculpatory for Pezzola, who helped ignite the breach of the Capitol building when he smashed a Senate-wing window with a stolen police riot shield.

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