Latest Twitter Rival Has Waiting List Of 1.2 Million

The Insider reports:

A new invite-only Twitter alternative just lured in Twitter celebs Dril and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — and people are scrambling to follow them. The Jack Dorsey [photo] backed platform, Bluesky, is a Twitter clone with a very similar format to its established rival.

Bluesky has been available on Apple’s app store since February but recently added an Android and beta web version. The app has been downloaded for iOS more than 240,000 times, with about half of these installs in April, according to research cited by Bloomberg.

According to Bluesky CEO Jay Graber, 1.2 million people were on the platform’s waitlist following Musk’s Twitter takeover. The app is still in the beta stage and is only available to users with an invite or on the waiting list.

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