Husband Of Log Cabin Spox: We Might Move To Russia Because The Gays Here Will Rape Your Kids, Buy A Gun

“It’s very hard to, like, understand the West and it’s why one day we’ll probably end up picking up our things and moving to Russia. Because this is just too strange, and I mean we’ll go to Russia and we’ll still be too westernized and maybe we’ll have to get bullied a little bit over there but it’ll put some hair on my face and some hair on my chest for sure. But I’m sick of it. I’m sick of the gay agenda. I’m sick of it and eventually they’re going to start raping your children. So that was my segment. Thank you for having me, Isabella. And remember, they’re going to try to rape your kids, so buy a gun.” – Josiah David Moody, the definitely not closeted husband of Log Cabin Republicans “ambassador” Isabella Moody.