Fort Lauderdale Rainfall Broke Single-Day Record Set During 1980 Hurricane, Schools Still Closed, FLL Open

CNN reports:

More storms could strike South Florida on Friday after monumental flooding wreaked havoc on Fort Lauderdale and surrounding communities, closing schools and government buildings and sending hundreds of residents to seek refuge at emergency shelters.

Many streets turned into lakes across Fort Lauderdale Wednesday and Thursday when a historic volume of rain exceeding 2 feet inundated the South Florida coastal city. The flooding shut down the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

The flooding impacts have also prompted Broward County Public Schools Friday to cancel classes for the second consecutive day. In addition to responding to hundreds of rescue calls Thursday, crews throughout the Fort Lauderdale metro area have been working to clear drains and deploy pumps.

Read the full article. Spring is considered to be South Florida’s dry season and the average rainfall for the month of April is 3 inches.