FL Advances Bill Allowing Doctors To Refuse LGBTQs

Tampa’s NBC affiliate reports:

A bill moving through Florida’s legislature that would allow doctors and insurance companies the freedom to drop patients based on what they’re calling “conscience-based objection” is raising some eyebrows.

When looking closer at House Bill 1403, residents are concerned that physicians and insurance companies could begin discriminating against women, minorities and the LGBTQ+ community and deny them healthcare that they need or cannot afford to pay out of pocket.

The bill also states that physicians are not required to refer patients to another doctor, which is a concern among women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and minorities.

Florida Politics reports:

Filed by Pensacola physician and state Rep. Joel Rudman, the bill now heads to the full House for consideration. Its Senate companion (SB 1580) is awaiting a hearing in the Rules Committee.

DeSantis in January announced he would pursue what he described as “prescribe freedom” legislation. The outline prepared by the Governor’s office said the proposal was intended to protect the “religious views of all medical professionals.”

Rudman said the bill is supported by health care providers in the state who worry physicians are being “run out” of Florida because of their beliefs, exacerbating an already existing physician shortage.

As you’ll see in his campaign clip below, Rep. Joe Rudman is an anti-vax ammosexual.