Consumer Reports Warns Peeps Might Cause Cancer

Gothamist reports:

Consumer Reports is pushing for the removal of Red Dye No. 3 from multiple Peeps candies — saying the ingredient is a carcinogen — days ahead of Easter and peak Peep season.

Several Peeps products — including Pink Marshmallow Chicks, Easter Marshmallow Pink Bunnies and Easter Marshmallow — contain the ingredient, which has been debated for decades over its potential to cause cancer in animals, according to the Yonkers-based consumer advocacy organization.

Multiple organizations, scientists and lawmakers around the U.S. have been pushing for a ban on the color additive from food, which the Food and Drug Administration prohibited for use in cosmetic products in 1990.

USA Today reports:

According to a Monday press release, Consumer Reports sent a letter to Just Born Quality Confections earlier this year – urging the candy manufacturer to remove Red Dye 3 from its products like Peeps. The company has not responded, Consumer Reports said, prompting the nonprofit to start a petition.

In a statement sent to USA TODAY on Wednesday, the FDA said that it’s “actively reviewing” the petition. The agency also noted that “FD&C Red No. 3 has been previously evaluated by the FDA.” Previous studies have found that high doses of Red Dye 3 can cause cancer in animals.