Chaos At UK Musical Over Singing Audience Members

The BBC reports:

Singer Melody Thornton has apologised after rowdy audience members halted a performance of The Bodyguard musical. The ex-Pussycat Dolls star was unable to complete the show’s final song due to the disruption at Manchester’s Palace Theatre on Friday.

Speaking on Instagram, Thornton said she “fought really hard” to finish the show, but it had not been possible. The theatre said two audience members who refused to sit down and stop singing were removed by security staff.

A representative said staff were “disappointed that the last 10 minutes of the show needed to be cancelled due to disruptive customers refusing to stay seated and spoiling the performance for others”.

The Manchester Evening News reports:

In a video at least two women can be seen being dragged out of the upper circle of the theatre. The audience can be heard clapping as they are removed. Other videos sent to the M.E.N. show at least half a dozen police officers in attendance, with a number of “riot vans” parked outside the theatre front.

Speaking afterwards, one woman in the audience said at least three police vehicles turned up, with officers stopping the show during the rendition of ‘I Will Always Love You’. “There was a lot of heckling at Melody Thornton [the lead singer] who was on the stage solo at this point,” she said.

Coral Mckeown tweeted: “Can’t believe we was all kicked out 10 minutes before the end. Disrespectful idiots singing and screaming. I felt for the amazing performers and gutted I didn’t get to see the end.”

You can hear at least one woman’s horribly off-key singing from the balcony in the first clip below. The last clip shows the chaos as security tussled with the offending patrons. The show had already been paused during the first act due to forbidden singing along by audience members.