WY Gov Bans Abortion Pills “After Extensive Prayer”

The New York Times reports:

Wyoming on Friday night became the first state to ban the use of abortion pills, adding momentum to a growing push by conservative states and anti-abortion groups to target medication abortion, the method now used in a majority of pregnancy terminations in the United States. Medication abortion is already outlawed in states that have total bans, since those bans already prohibit all forms of abortion.

Gov. Mark Gordon of Wyoming, a Republican, signed that state’s abortion pill ban on the same day that he said he would allow another more sweeping measure banning abortion to become law without his signature. That law, which takes effect on Sunday, would ban abortion under almost all circumstances, making it a felony to provide an abortion. “I have acted without bias and after extensive prayer, to allow these bills to become law,” Mr. Gordon wrote.

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Gordon first appeared on JMG in November 2020 when he became ill with COVID days after refusing to implement a mask mandate.