VIRAL VIDEO: Gay Missouri GOP Rep Corners “Don’t Say Gay” Author On Teaching About Heterosexuality

The Huffington Post reports:

Rep. Phil Christofanelli, a gay Republican, challenged Rep. Ann Kelley on the House floor last week over the logic of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill she sponsored, wondering if it would also prohibit teaching about heterosexuality, which is a sexual orientation.

“You mentioned George Washington. Who is Martha Washington?” Christofanelli asked. “His wife,” Kelley answered. “Under your bill, how could you mention that in a classroom?” Christofanelli continued. Kelley replied, “To me, that’s not sexual orientation.”

“So it’s only really certain sexual orientations that you want prohibited from introduction in the classroom,” Christofanelli shot back. “We all have a moral compass. And my moral compass is compared with [the] Bible,” Kelley said.

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As you’ll see in the clip, which already has over one million views, Kelley ends up admitting that she doesn’t know if mention of Martha Washington’s marriage would be allowed under her bill.

Kelley recently appeared here for her attempt to ban female legislators from wearing sleeveless attire while in the state capitol. Last year she also helped ban an exhibit on LGBTQ history from the building.