Vaseline Woman Rips DeSantis: “This Is Trump’s Turn”

Mediaite reports:

During a Wednesday appearance with Newsmax host Eric Bolling, Kari Lake called for Trump to be “back in the White House ASAP.” But when it came to DeSantis — who notably came to Arizona for a rally in support of Lake last August — the former Arizona gubernatorial candidate took a different approach.

“The people of Florida just reelected him, I’m assuming when they reelected him, they were hoping he’d stay around for a while,” Lake said. “But this is President Trump’s turn and we haven’t seen Ron DeSantis on the world stage yet,” Lake said.

In another odd swipe at the Florida governor, Lake argued that the people advising DeSantis are warmongers. “Some of the people that are surrounding him are kind of the type of people that were pushing for war, that were pushing for the endless war,” she insisted.

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