Utah “Sovereign Citizen” Killed By Cops In Traffic Stop

Vice News reports:

A 25-year-old man who espoused beliefs that aligned with the so-called “sovereign citizen” movement was shot dead by police officers in Utah after being pulled over for driving without a proper license plate.

On March 1, Chase Allan, 25, was pulled over by police in the small Utah town of Farmington after cops noticed he was driving without a legitimate license plate. In its stead was a plate that read “American State Citizen, Utah” and featured the U.S. seal—something an expert described as a sovereign citizen symbol.

Police released body camera footage of the shooting on Wednesday afternoon, which shows Allan speaking through a small crack in the window and refusing to provide his ID. “I don’t need registration, and I don’t answer questions,” Allan tells the police officer.

Read the full article. Allan’s family, who are also reportedly so-called sovereign citizens, claim that he was murdered by police. Watch the video.