Trump Rages To Reporters: I Regret Backing DeSantis

Politico reports:

Former President Donald Trump is intensifying his attacks on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, calling him disloyal and saying that his political career would have been over had he not endorsed his ultimately successful 2018 campaign.

“He was dead as a dog, he was a dead politician. He would have been working perhaps for a law firm or doing something else,” Trump told a small group of reporters aboard his plane on Monday afternoon en route to Iowa, where he was to make an appearance that evening.

Asked if he regretted endorsing DeSantis for governor in 2018, Trump responded: “Yeah maybe, this guy was dead. He was dead as a doornail…I might say that.” Trump spent nearly ten minutes going after DeSantis, who is widely viewed as his most formidable challenger for the Republican nomination.

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In the new video below, Trump rants that Florida was doing “really well” before “Ron DeSanctus got there.”

Trump goes on to praise “Charlie Crist, a Democrat” for his term as Florida governor. Crist, of course, was elected governor as a Republican.

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