Trump Offered New Nickname: “Ron DeStablishment”

Mediaite reports:

Trump is still searching for a decent nickname for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. On Tuesday, Trump spoke with Sebastian Gorka, who served in his administration, on his podcast, America First.

Gorka said, “You made quite a bit of news on truth, social and on your recent rallies with your new nickname for the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSanctimonious. — Somebody else has come up with another nickname.” A producer off-screen offered the nickname “Ron DeStablishment.”

“What do you think of that?” Gorka asked. “That’s not bad. I’ve heard worse. You know, they came out with lots of different names. ‘Meatball.’ I didn’t like that one too much. But, they came out with a lot of different names, and that’s not bad. I’ve heard of worse,” Trump said.

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