Trump: DeSantis’ Book Sales Numbers Are “Fake News”

Posted to Trump’s Truth Social account:

Some in the Fake News are falsely stating that Ron DeSanctimonious’ book is doing as well as ‘LETTERS TO TRUMP,’ my new book. This is FAKE NEWS in that LETTERS doesn’t even come out until April 25th. Ron has groups buying his book in order to inflate sales and, in fact, on the first day, his book was already 30% discounted. LETTERS TO TRUMP has much different pricing, and is a coffee table book. The so-called Stars corresponded with me, you’ll love it!

Florida Politics reports:

One problem with Trump’s analysis is at least some of the so-called “FAKE NEWS” is drawing comparisons between DeSantis’ new book and Trump’s volume from 2016, not the forthcoming “coffee table book.” Trump’s canards about discounted prices likewise can be ignored, given promotional pricing is a staple for big releases like that of DeSantis. Bulk buys, meanwhile, are a staple of the political book genre.