Texts Show Bartiromo Plotting To Discredit Biden, Was Sent “Plan” By Bannon For Her To Challenge Schumer

NBC News reports:

In text messages with Bannon on Nov. 10, 2020, Fox News host Maria Bartiromo said, “Omg I’m so depressed. I can’t take this,” and lamented how upsetting it was to watch the “world move forward.”

“I want to see massive fraud exposed. Will he be able to turn this around,” she added, referring to Trump. “I told my team we are not allowed to say pres elect at all. Not in scripts or in banners on air. Until this moves through the courts.”

Bannon later replied, “You are our fighter. Enough with the sad ! We need u.”

Media Matters reports:

“We want you to run against Schumer,” Bannon continued. “This is your moment.” Bannon then texted Bartiromo what he called “THE PLAN.”

“1. We either close on Trumps victory or delegitimize Biden 2. Win both seats in Georgia 3. Win back house in 2022 4. Elect u to the senate 5. IF we don’t close on Trump victory now have trump declare for 2024 the day after taking back House and your win in Nov 2022.”