Texas Bill Raises Taxes On Bars That Host Drag Shows

The Texas Tribune reports:

House Bills 643, 708 and 1266 and Senate Bill 476 seek to reclassify bars or businesses that host drag shows as “sexually oriented businesses,” a category that includes adult movie theaters and sex shops. Such designations would force bars to operate under a different set of regulations that come with higher taxes and fees. That could force some businesses to choose between shutting down or ending drag performances.

Sen. Bryan Hughes, R-Mineola, who championed some of last session’s most conservative bills, authored SB 476. It has been assigned to the Senate State Affairs Committee, which he chairs. HB 643, 708 and 1266 have been assigned to the House State Affairs Committee. Anti-drag sentiment has prompted protests at drag shows — many of which are adult-only — that have drawn white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups.

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The piece is a deep dive into the dozens of anti-LGBTQ bills currently before Texas legislature. State Sen. Bryan Hughes last appeared on JMG when his bill to force public schools to display “In God We Trust” posters went into effect. In 2021, he appeared here for his bill banning criticism of white supremacy in history lessons.