Shapiro Rips Trump’s “Revenge Trail” CPAC Speech

“This is not the Trump that’s going to win him any primaries or the presidency. The Trump who is on the revenge trail for his 2020 loss is not the guy that people actually love.

“It doesn’t make people love him to see this sort of stuff. Again, if you’re a Trump fan, you should be encouraging him to do more of the East Palestine stuff and less of this.

“Here he was at CPAC — CPAC, by the way, was really, really under-attended this year. It did not have a lot of big names, did not have a lot of big stars.

“It was, kind of, more fringy this year which is why in the CPAC straw poll, the guy who came in third is some random 75 year old businessperson.” – Ben Shapiro, on today’s show.