Shapiro Host: The Pride Flag Is A Hate Symbol [VIDEO]

“Let’s just put this plainly. The Pride flag does not deserve our respect. In fact, it deserves our disrespect. It deserves our contempt and mockery.

“It is not the flag of gay people. Okay? That’s not what it is. Gay people in America, they already have a flag. It’s called the American flag. It’s the flag we all share or are supposed to share.

“The Pride flag, which was invented by a far-left activist drag queen, represents not a person or a people or a community, but an agenda, a political and cultural agenda. It always has. It has from the very beginning. It still does now.

“And today, nearly all of the most depraved and perverse attacks on children, on tradition, on decency, on common sense are waged under this banner. That’s what it signifies. Okay?

“The gay pride flag signifies drag queens dancing for toddlers, males invading women’s bathrooms. It signifies castration drugs given to children. It signifies the destruction of the nuclear family.

“When government officials send that thing up the flagpole or paint its ridiculous colors in the street, that is what they’re promoting. It’s what they’re advertising. It is the cause they want us to salute.

Not only should we should we refuse to salute it, but we should treat it with disdain. We should treat it as a hate symbol because that’s what it is.

“They fly the flag, that flag, because they hate you and your values and what you believe and everything you stand for.” – Daily Wire host Matt Walsh, finding his next target after transgender people.