Shapiro Host: Bring Back Public Executions [VIDEO]

Mediaite reports:

Daily Wire host Michael Knowles offered an eyebrow-raising answer on his podcast this week to a question about whether or not the U.S. should bring back public executions – by fully endorsing them.

During a Q&A session on The Michael Knowles Show, the host replied, “Certainly. Yeah, I think that that would do a lot to bring back the deterrent effect of capital punishment, certainly. But furthermore, it would be good because people just don’t see death period anymore. We used to see death.”

The Yale-educated, former actor continued, “I’m not saying we want more people to die, but we need to recognize that death does happen. We try to run away from death. We try to hide death, we hide aging. We pack ourselves full of cosmetics.”

Read the full article. As you’ll hear in the clip, Knowles goes on to complain that some people “don’t think that the soul persists after natural death.”