Schlapp: “Fake Journalists” Are Behind Groping Claim

The right wing Washington Examiner reports:

“Fake journalists,” Schlapp said in a recent interview, are “pushing this leftist agenda and lying, and I’m a victim of that, right? This media will take any charge and run with it if they can destroy a Republican or a Trump supporter or conservative. That’s what we have in this country.”

Schlapp, who is facing an anonymous claim that he groped a male campaign worker and criticism of his management style, said the attacks are an example of the type of efforts of the Left to bring woke politics into the mainstream.

“That has to stop. People like myself, when we get in these situations, we have to find a way not to back down. And I think that’s what the people of CPAC are all facing in their own lives,” he said of conservative activists who sometimes face criticism back home or in their jobs.

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