Scamvangelist: Biden’s Been Replaced By Body Doubles

“You can build your life on sand and be woke, it will fall. You can build your church on woke, it’s gonna fall. Or you can build it on the rock, which is the kingdom of God.

“And it will stand no matter what happens – winds, floods, rain, egg prices, inflation, a fake administration – 46 that does not exist. Interesting that God said that from the very start, November 4th, that this is a fake administration, it doesn’t exist. Why would he say that?

“And then you got a guy, when I look at pictures, I don’t know how many guys are trying to be him. All you conspiracists know I’m a realist. I’m a cartoonist, I can recognize when somebody doesn’t look the same.

“First of all, you got different looking eyes, different looking head, different looking earlobes. Well pastor, you’re just one of those conspiracists. I don’t read conspiracies, I don’t even listen to the news.

“I’m just telling you that I’ve seen pictures and you’re trying to pull the wool over our eyes. And I ain’t buying it, cause I ain’t deceived.” – Televangelist Hank Kunneman.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Hank Kunneman says God told him Trump will be reinstated in 2021. Kunneman warns that people who criticize his prophecies will be stricken with leprosy. Kunneman rages at evangelicals who defy his prophecies by acknowledging that Biden won. Kunneman and his wife “shush” Trump’s accusers in the name of Jesus. Kunneman claims his prayers “derailed” the Mueller investigation. Kunneman says God anointed Trump so that Christians will have the “blood right” to rule over all Americans. Kunneman says that God’s sign that Christianity will once again control America will come in the form of a holy thumb drive.