Santos Offers To Sponsor GOP Bill Targeting His Lies

Congress Minutes reports:

George Santos is flipping the script, making a surprise offer to co-sponsor a bill designed by some of his fiercest Republican critics to prevent him from profiting off his campaign lies.

In a letter delivered Thursday to the office of Rep. Anthony D’Esposito (R-N.Y.), the lead sponsor on the bill, Santos offered to sign onto his “No Fame for Fraud” resolution as well as unspecified “similar housekeeping legislation.”

The letter to D’Esposito is all but certain to be perceived as taunting his colleagues as well as escalating the already growing feud with the other new Republicans from the Empire State.

Axios reports:

Santos said in the letter that in addition to co-sponsoring the bill he hoped “you will join me on similar housekeeping legislation that I hope to have to prepared by the time we return from next week’s district work period.”

Santos is under local investigation after he admitted to “embellishing” large portions of his résumé, which formed a central part of his election campaign.

He also faces a federal investigation into his alleged role in a fundraising campaign for a U.S. Navy veteran with disabilities who was trying to get life-saving surgery for his dying service dog.