Proud Boys Bloodied At NYC Drag Protest [VIDEO]

The New York Daily News reports:

A masked protester was arrested during clashing demonstrations outside a Manhattan drag story hour hosted by state Attorney General Letitia James on Sunday, cops said.

The gold-masked man was taken into custody around 11:30 a.m. after an assault at the protest outside the LGBTQ Community Center on W. 13th St. in Greenwich Village. He had come to protest against the event, a witness told the Daily News.

Video posted on Twitter shows a small group of protesters, including a man in a Proud Boys sweatshirt, across the street from the center while a much larger crowd of counter-protesters lined the sidewalk to show their support for the event.

AM New York reports:

Approximately 200 attendees enjoyed the read-a-thon, led by the Drag Kings, Queens and Royalty of Drag Story Hour NYC at the center, a resource hub for New York City’s queer community.

As families arrived with excited smiles, a group of protesters assembled across the street — many of them brandishing Trump signs and wearing garb supporting White Supremacist groups like the Proud Boys.

Despite police attempting to keep the two groups separated, a few broke through the ranks. One man wearing a gold Guy Fawkes mask attacked those defending the story hour, deeming his adversaries “antifa” as he threw punches and grabbed at press cameras. The man was swiftly arrested and led away in handcuffs.

The Washington Press reports:

Pearls were clutched and panties were bunched as right-wing chaos agents converged on the event, which typically wouldn’t attract much controversy in cosmopolitan New York City.

The Proud Boys, however, got more than they bargained for while trying to intimidate the people attending the event. Chants of “Fuck the Proud Boys rang” out from counter-protestors at the venue, letting the violent chaos agents know that they weren’t welcome.

The Proud Boys had met their match, as counter-protesters showed up in droves in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community, leaving some beaten and bloody during the event.