Proud Boy Denied Pre-Trial Release From “Cruel” DC Jail

Washington DC’s CBS affiliate reports:

A federal judge denied a Jan. 6 defendant’s third motion to be released from pretrial custody on Tuesday – saying he found no violations of constitutional rights at the D.C. Jail that would warrant his release. Last month, Christopher Quaglin – a New Jersey electrician the Justice Department says is a member of the Proud Boys – filed a renewed motion for release while he prepares for his trial scheduled next month.

Quaglin was one of nine men in a multi-defendant indictment field in 2021 stemming from an hours-long assault on police who were defending the U.S. Capitol Building’s Lower West Terrace Tunnel on Jan. 6, 2021. Quaglin faces felony charges of assaulting police with a dangerous weapon and inflicting bodily injury on officers for allegedly attacking police with a stolen riot shield and pepper spray.

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