Politico: Supporting J6 Rioters Now A GOP Litmus Test

Politico reports:

If any subject is verboten in the early stages of the Republican presidential primary, it’s the insurrection that once served as a defining point in 2024 frontrunner Donald Trump’s career. Whereas Republicans once talked openly about it being disqualifying for the former president, today it is little more than a litmus test in GOP circles of a candidate’s MAGA bona fides. None of them want any part of it.

The Jan. 6 avoidance is not just in DeSantis’ book. Mike Pence, the former vice president and likely presidential candidate, is preparing to resist a grand jury subpoena for testimony about Trump’s efforts to overturn the election Nikki Haley, asked if she would describe the riot as an “insurrection, a riot, or a coup,” went instead with a more banal — and safer — description: “a sad day in America.”

Read the full article. The piece goes on to note how multiple convicted rioters were feted at CPAC this weekend and how Trump’s allies plan to attack any candidate who doesn’t support granting pardons to every rioter.