Pence Won’t Commit To Backing Trump As Nominee

CBS News reports:

Former Vice President Mike Pence still won’t say whether he’s running for president next year, and he won’t speak ill of his ex-boss, former President Donald Trump. But in an interview with CBS News in Michigan on Wednesday, he also twice declined to commit to supporting Trump if he is the Republican presidential nominee.

Instead, Pence said he believes voters in 2024 will choose “wisely again,” as they did in 2016. But said he thinks “different times call for different leadership.”

“I’m very confident we’ll have better choices come 2024,” he told CBS News political correspondent Caitlin Huey-Burns. “And I’m confident our standard-bearer will win the day in November of that year.”

Read the full article. The RNC has said that candidates who refuse to commit to supporting the eventual nominee will be denied a spot on the debate stage.