Paul Gosar Vows Criminal Charges Against Liz Cheney

The Independent reports:

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar has said “heads have to roll” over the January 6 Committee’s now-concluded investigation into the Capitol riot. In an interview with the right-wing outlet The Gateway Pundit published on Sunday, Mr Gosar agreed that former Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney, the vice chair of the committee and one of only two Republicans in the panel, should be prosecuted for her role in the probe.

Mr Gosar, who has relentlessly downplayed the attack had said in January that he was poised to conduct a “real” investigation into January 6. “ I think there’s also military that are involved,” the politician told the Pundit. “And I think that their heads have to roll. Otherwise, you condone this lawlessness … we see lawlessness everywhere and that’s part of the precipitating actions that Congress is allowed.”

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