Newsmax Hosts Roast Carlson For “Hating” Trump

Mediaite reports:

“Tucker Carlson has kind of been caught with his pants down,” Eric Bolling told Sebastian Gorka on Friday’s edition of The Balance on Newsmax. “What are your thoughts on Tucker’s pandering?”

“These text messages do not look good for either Fox or for Tucker,” Gorka replied. “Why would Tucker Carlson want to ignore a Republican with an incredible four-year track record?”

“I’ll tell you why,” Bolling, a former Fox News host interjected. “I knew Tucker. If you remember way back when, Tucker was the weekend Fox & Friends host. He was one of the three hosts. He couldn’t stand Trump back then. He didn’t really start getting on the Trump bandwagon until he had a show called Tucker Carlson. That is the truth.”

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