Newsmax Guest Suggests Vaccine Killed Capitol Officer

“Officer Brian Sicknick, who, as you mentioned was a great Trump supporter, was all over his social media and so on. And the media – it started with The New York Times – that came up with the lie that Officer Brian Sicknick had been hit in the head with a fire extinguisher, perhaps multiple times, and that led to his death.

“Now he did, tragically, 42 years-old, have a stroke that day and died the next day of the stroke. And that is tragic. We might also look into the vaccination history just to name one other possibility.

“But the Democrats and apparently Mitch McConnell and the news media have no interest in providing more information to the American people. It’s a truly extraordinary thing.” – Talk radio host Chris Plante, today on Newsmax.

Capitol Police had not been vaccinated at the time of the riot and at least two dozen officers became ill with COVID in the days following the attack.