MTG Sells T-Shirts Mocking People With Monkeypox

Monkeypox pretty much stopped being a thing months ago, largely thanks to the Biden administration and the quick response of gay men, but that hasn’t stopped Marjorie Taylor Greene from launching a $34 “made in USA, unisex fit” t-shirt ridiculing those who contract the disease.

In a post made last night to Truth Social, Greene announced a new line of merchandise which includes beer koozies, coffee mugs, hats, and t-shirts bearing her demand to “Defund The FBI” and proclaiming wearers to be a “Proud Christian Nationalist” and an “Enemy Of The State.”

Also available are “I Stand With MTG” bumper stickers, t-shirts declaring “No, I Will Not Yield,” and MTG yard signs braying “Save America, Stop Communism!”

A message at the bottom of the merch page notes that the site is “powered by WinRed” – the official GOP fundraising operation.