MTG Breaks With Trump: “We Don’t Need To Protest”

Newsweek reports:

Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has dismissed Donald Trump’s calls for protests to break out should he be arrested in connection with an investigation into hush money payments he allegedly arranged in 2016.

Greene, a staunch supporter of the former president, said that there doesn’t need to be any action against the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office or the “communist” Democrats should Trump become the first U.S. president to be indicted as people will let their feelings known in the 2024 election instead.

From Greene’s tweet:

We don’t need to protest about the Communists Democrat’s planning to arrest Pres Trump and the political weaponization of our government and election interference.

These idiots are sealing their own fate in 2024 because the silent majority has two feelings right now about the current regime.

Fear and anger. That is the most powerful combination when election time comes. And the Democrats are driving that force with their own corrupt actions.