MI Gov: I’m In Constant Danger Due To Trump [VIDEO]

“We were all home and there were people with long guns on the front lawn, right outside the gate. You could hear it, the vitriol and the ugliness.

“The threats started spilling over to my husband’s office and his staff was worried and he was worried that his patients might be in danger and he decided to look into selling his practice and he did and it’s been okay.

“I think about it everywhere I go. You know, the former president made me a target and threw a lot of gas on the fire and it has continued to burn and I think about it everywhere I go.

“Are the people around me safe? Are they in danger? Do I have to worry about the state police who keep me safe? Do I have to worry when I’m in public that people near me might be exposed to it.

“So yeah, it’s taken a toll. But it’s not going to scare me. It’s not going to you know change who I am and the decision how I operate and how I treat people and the decisions that I have to make.

“I’ve got a job to do and I’m going to do.” – Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, speaking to CNN’s Chris Wallace about the continuing threats to her and her family from violent Trump cultists.