Leaked Tape Shows Alberta Premier Promising To Help Extremist Pastor Charged With Inciting Violence [Video]

The National Observer reports:

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith, in a leaked cellphone call, commiserated with a COVID-19 protester about his trial while divulging to him there was an internal dispute over how Crown prosecutors were handling COVID-19 cases. Smith also promised on the call to intervene as best she could on Artur Pawlowski’s behalf and said she was reminding prosecutors “almost weekly” about her concerns over pursuing such cases.

“I’m sorry to hear what they’re putting you through,” Smith is heard telling Pawlowski in the early January call, recorded on a cellphone video that was released Wednesday by the Opposition NDP. The call was made before the trial of the Calgary pastor in February for criminal mischief and a charge under Alberta’s Critical Infrastructure Defence Act. The charges relate to last year’s blockade at the Canada-United States border crossing at Coutts., Alta., over COVID-19 health rules.

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Upon her election last year, Smith promised to pardon those arrested for violating COVID protocols. In January 2023, she walked back that vow.

Artur Pawloski has appeared on JMG several times for COVID-related arrests. During his arrest last year for harassing public health officials, he called police officers “Nazis.”

Pawlowski is fond of blaming natural disasters on God’s anger over LGBTQ civil rights, once telling the families of flood victims that the fatal waters were God’s tears over Canada’s acceptance of homosexuality.

He first appeared on JMG way back in 2010 when Canada revoked his then-church’s tax-exempt status for violating laws on political activities by churches.