Leading Christian Extremist Cheers Brutal Uganda Bill

“There are a lot of Christians in the world, but there’s only a handful of countries that actually still pass laws reflecting Christian teachings. One of those countries though is the central African nation of Uganda.

“Uganda’s legislature just approved a new law; that law criminalizes gay marriage and the homosexual lifestyle and imposes the death penalty for pedophiles.

“Yes, it’s now illegal, it’s a crime to be a depraved and demonic Hershey-highway-riding, pillow-biting butt-pirate and if you touch our kids, we’ll kill you. Perfect. Absolutely based. 100% awesome.” – Self-proclaimed Christian nationalist podcaster Stew Peters.

Uganda’s president has not yet signed the bill but is expected to. Many prominent right wingers and elected Republicans have appeared on Peters’ show despite Peters having called for executing Anthony Fauci and many others. He is also behind the “died suddenly” QAnon claims about COVID vaccines and produced a widely-debunked “documentary” by the same name.