Kirk Cameron Gets Tennessee Librarian Fired, Library Staff Deluged With Harassment, Bomb Threat [VIDEO]

Nashville’s ABC affiliate reports:

The Sumner County Library Board voted 4-3 on Wednesday to terminate Hendersonville Public Library director Allan Morales. Morales lost his job because of viral accusations by actor and author Kirk Cameron, former swimmer Riley Gaines and “Duck Dynasty” personality Missy Robertson.

Cameron held a children’s reading event last month at the Hendersonville Library and publicly accused them of giving him and the other celebrity guests pushback. These accusations went viral with many people posting their frustrations about the staff on social media, which in some cases turned into harassment.

On Tuesday, a bomb threat was emailed to library staff. Hendersonville police are actively investigating this threat.

Raw Story reports:

“Not only were they rude to us,” Robertson said. “They were super rude to their entire community that lived there in Hendersonville, Tennessee, because that is a public library and they could have invited all those people who were standing in the rain to come and form lines inside the library.”

Cameron’s book tour is intended as a direct response to “drag queen story hour” events and his complaints about Hendersonville Public Library were extensively covered by Fox News.

“This is not in California or New York City, this is in Nashville,” Robertson said. “People are moving to Nashville and the surrounding areas to get away from this stuff. It’s not just happening in, quote, ‘liberal’ areas. They’re coming for your kids.”