Hate Group That Launched Petition Against Walgreens And CVS Now Claims Dems Are “Harassing Pharmacies”

Via email from the Family Research Council:

This week, 17 Senate Democrats released a series of letters harassing major pharmaceutical chains about their plans to sell chemical abortion drugs. In one letter, the senators applied pressure to Walgreens, criticizing the corporation for doing “the disservice of adding to” what they call “great confusion about abortion access.”

The letter critiques Walgreens for its “unacceptable” response to the concerns of 20 state attorneys general who previously wrote to the company explaining that they would be in violation of the law if they were to ship and dispense chemical abortion drugs within their states.

Walgreens recently affirmed that it would not sell chemical abortion drugs in those 20 states.

If Democratic senators truly consider themselves “pro-choice,” they should practice what they preach and let retail pharmacies make their own informed decisions — especially about matters as serious as joining the abortion industry and breaking the law.

Last month the FRC sent this email:

The last thing any of us should want is to see our local CVS or Walgreens become an abortion business! Pharmacies are places where we go for treatment for ailments, and to alleviate suffering, but CVS and Walgreens would turn them into places of death for the unborn and pain for women.

That’s why Family Research Council Action is collecting signatures for a petition, to tell these big retail pharmacies to stick to their business of healing and alleviating suffering and stay out of the abortion business!

Now that Walgreens has caved to Republican attorneys general, the FRC is pretending that their previous boycott threat never happened. Their petition is below.