GOP Senator Won’t Admit Rioters Trashed His Office

NBC News reports:

Video shows a rioter — who has pleaded guilty to driving a stun gun into a police officer’s neck, nearly killing him — smashing out Idaho Sen. Jim Risch’s window overlooking the Washington Monument and the national mall in an attempt to let more rioters into the building. Additional video released this week shows Risch’s trashed desk, including what looks like a framed campaign image bearing his last name.

A review of Risch’s public statements on the Jan. 6, 2021, riot show no indication that he has ever mentioned what happened to his office that day. Asked by NBC News this week about his office being trashed and told about the new footage of rioters in his hideaway, Risch demurred. “I don’t do interviews on Jan. 6, but thanks,” Risch said. Asked again if he had a response to the newly released footage, the senator said only: “Thanks for asking.”

Read the full article. Risch, the former governor of Idaho, was first elected in 2008 to fill the seat left by retiring Sen. Larry “Wide Stance” Craig.