GOP Rep With Five Personal Bankruptcies Opposes Biden’s Student Loan Relief: “Debt Cannot Be Canceled”

The Salt Lake Tribune reports:

Utah’s Rep. Burgess Owens will chair a congressional hearing on the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness plan later this week. The program, which cancels up to $20,000 of student loan debt for tens of millions of borrowers, is currently on hold pending a ruling from the Supreme Court.

In a press release, Owens telegraphed how the hearing would play out, arguing that President Joe Biden has no authority to cancel student debt unilaterally. “Debt cannot be canceled, only transferred from those who borrowed to those who did not,” Owens said.

During his first campaign in 2020, Owens was dogged by claims that he had filed for bankruptcy protection multiple times. Federal court records show Owens filed for bankruptcy five times.

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Owens, a former NFL player, first appeared on JMG in 2018 when he called players kneeling during the national anthem an attack on America comparable to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. During his initial 2020 run for Congress, he appeared here for allegedly having plagiarized part of his anti-socialism book, including a quote from late Rep. John Lewis, whom he had regularly smeared. He last appeared here last month when he joined a group GOP House reps in begging God’s forgiveness for same-sex marriage at an event organized by anti-LGBTQ hate groups. Owens is a regular on far-right and QAnon podcasts.