GOP Rep Accused Of Child Burial GoFundMe Scam

Nashville’s CBS affiliate reports:

What did Tennessee Congressman Andy Ogles do with tens of thousands of dollars meant for a children’s burial garden? It’s a story that goes far beyond questions about Ogles’ inflated resume. It’s a story that stems from a personal tragedy — the stillborn death of a child whose photo Ogles sometimes posts on his political social media — and a GoFundMe that allowed Ogles to rake in tens of thousands of dollars for what was supposed to be a children’s burial garden. Yet, what makes it a story is the fact that there is no burial garden, no one knows where their donations went, and Ogles refuses to say what he did with the money.

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As you may have heard, Ogles was exposed earlier this month for a wildly faked resume that drew immediate comparisons to George Santos. Ogles, a far-right former mayor, first earned local notoriety in 2020 when he claimed that the COVID pandemic was “fake.” He later battled COVID mitigation protocols. Ogles is pals with extremist hate pastor Greg Locke.