GOP Opposes “Burdensome” Rail Safety Regulations

Playbook reports:

Republicans on Capitol Hill have spent two weeks torching the Biden administration for what they call a slow response to the Ohio rail disaster — but on Tuesday, some GOP lawmakers urged their colleagues not to rush out laws putting new strictures on freight rail. That means Democrats may face trouble getting a divided Congress to adopt the rail safety proposals that  Buttigieg sent to Capitol Hill last week, including tougher braking requirements.

One of DOT’s requests for Congress is an increase in the maximum penalties to railroads for safety violations — an idea Rep. Troy Nehls dismissed, instead praising the industry’s safety record. “The rail industry has a very high success rate of moving hazardous material — to the point of 99-percent-plus,” Nehls said. “Let’s not have more burdensome regulations and all this other stuff.”

Read the full article. Nehls last appeared here when he staged a video in which he drank water supposed from East Palestine’s system.