Glenn Beck Pays $600K For Roe V Wade Legal Archives

The Texas Tribune reports:

Radio host Glenn Beck has acquired the archives of Linda Coffee, the last living member of the legal team that argued Roe v. Wade. “Roe vs. Wade is history, and now that history is in the hands of a pro-life conservative,” Beck said on his radio show Thursday. Coffee, 80, put the archive up for auction through an independent auction house earlier this year, with a starting bid of $50,000. Beck won with a bid of more than $600,000.

Coffee’s archives will debut this summer as part of an exhibit called “The Blueprints of Freedom,” Beck said on his radio show. Beck said they will be “at home” in his “German eugenics” collection, which includes the last prescription Nazi doctor Josef Mengele wrote before going to work at Auschwitz concentration camp. “We are fighting people that hate America so much they will destroy our history,” he said. “They will burn it. They will destroy it any way they can.”

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