Georgia Senate Blocks Attempt To Break Apart Atlanta

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

The Georgia Senate put down a pro-Buckhead City rebellion, rejecting legislation Thursday that would have allowed a vote on whether the north Atlanta neighborhood could secede from the rest of the city.

It was a disappointment for the supporters of the breakaway movement, which won an incremental victory earlier this week when a tandem of proposals setting up a potential 2024 cityhood referendum cleared a Senate committee for the first time.

The cityhood effort was opposed by every elected official in Atlanta and a broad coalition of local leaders. Some major businesses even pledged to secede from Buckhead if the cityhood push somehow prevailed.

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As I’ve previously reported, the secession bid is led by wealthy homocon Bill White.

White appeared on JMG in 2021 when he launched a super PAC to unseat the ten Republican House reps who voted to impeach Trump.

You may recall the 2018 New York Times report on how White and his husband abandoned a lifetime of liberal advocacy to join the cult.

In 2010, White paid a $1 million settlement in a New York state pension fund pay-to-play scandal related to his time running the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum.