Gay MO Republican Accused Of Enabling Pedophilia, Faces Censure For Bill To Recognize Same-Sex Marriage

The Kansas City Star reports:

For the second time in a month, an openly gay Missouri Republican lawmaker will face a censure vote from the Jackson County Republican Party for trying to redefine marriage in the state constitution as between “two individuals” instead of “a man and a woman.” The planned censure targets state Rep. Chris Sander, a Lone Jack Republican. The resolution accuses Sander of deviating from the party’s platform for trying to recognize same-sex marriage.

Teresa McBride, the county GOP vice chair, on Monday called on Sander to withdraw his constitutional amendment in an email filled with anti-LGBTQ rhetoric. “The mere fact that you want to change the wording from ‘one man and one woman’ to ‘two individuals’ is an abomination to mankind and to God himself. The term ‘two individuals’ could be defined and interpreted in many different ways and open the door for pedophiles to legally rape and physically harm children. That is disgusting.”

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